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I attend a lot of workshops and Julie E. Bloemeke’s was one of the very best.   I love the way she used definitions of poetry as an on-ramp, then had us look at exemplary poems, then took us off on a wild ride to get to our own submerged stuff.  Thank you!!!  It was a great experience.   –Judy Ireland, poet and Executive Director at DePorres Place Literacy Center



I had no idea what to expect in attending an online poetry workshop, but I am so glad I participated. It was meditation, creative writing, and a mini-college course all wrapped up into a delicious piece of brain candy. I came away feeling just a tiny bit better of a human being and a more awakened writer. –Andrea Strahan

FALL 2022

Workshop registration opens Aug 1, 2022

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Past workshops: 


Questioning the “About”: A 4-week generative workshop series on memory with Julie E. Bloemeke


Often, in describing a poem, we say it is “about” a particular circumstance, person, or event.  John Ashbery observes, “I write with experiences in mind, but I don’t write about them, I write out of them.”  How does memory play a role in what a poem is “about”?  Can a poem be “about”? Do we write through, to, around, or out of experiences?


Join us for a four-week generative poetry workshop series where we explore how memory informs verse composition.  Class will open with a poem that navigates sources and experiences of memory, followed by discussion with particular focus on craft, technique, and approach.  The poem of the week will also be a launching off point for a take-home writing prompt for the following class.  Each session, poets will bring a draft from the previous week for class feedback.  Drafts will be due by 5 pm Sunday before the night of class. Please note, all workshops are a creative safe space of support, candor, and encouragement. 


Feb 1, Week 1  Place—geographic, metaphorical, emotional

Feb 8, Week 2  Era—date, time, movement, chapter

Feb 15, Week 3  Circumstance/action—event, recollection, exchange

Feb 22, Week 4  Persona—expanding the reach of the “I” 


Meeting times will be Tuesday evenings, 7-9 EST.   If you are interested and have questions, please use the contact form.  Registration is now closed.